Windows 10 User's Guide Updated: 08/27/18

Internet and Browsing

A Tale of Two Browsers - Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11

Windows 10 has two distinct web browsers. One - Internet Explorer 11 - is the latest generation of the long-standing series of browsers available in Windows since the 1990's. The second - usually called simply Edge - is Microsoft's new browser interface, a streamlined browser that represents a more current concept of how a browser should look.

Internet Explorer 11 ("IE 11") was available long before Windows 10 appeared. People familiar with recent earlier versions of Internet Explorer (IE 9 or IE 10) will rapidly find they are at home with Internet IE 11. Since Microsoft is promoting Edge as its primary browser, you have to go looking for Internet Explorer: it's located in Windows Accessories, under All Apps (in the Start menu):

You can, of course, pin it to the Start Menu or to the taskbar for easier access.

Microsoft has continued to support Internet Explorer because so many browser-based applications, including core business applications in many industries, work smoothly (or only) when using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge is present in the Start Menu once Windows 10 is set up. Edge is still evolving - for example, it did not include a built-in ad blocker, nor did it allow for extensions, until the version that came with the Anniversary Update (Windows 1607, available since Aug 2 2016).

What about Other Browsers?

Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all work well on Windows 10. So do a number of other browsers. Chances are, if you're using a newer browser designed for general use, it will work on Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge - Detailed Look

By following the links below, you'll find an outline of the current set of features in Microsoft Edge - more details will be added as time goes on. As mentioned above, Edge is an evolving application.

Main menuMain toolbar
Web NotesAnnotate a web page
More (Tools, Settings)Zoom, Print, Pin to Start, Settings, more
SettingsThemes, Home page, Favorites, Browsing, Extensions, Sync, Advanced Settings
Advanced SettingsHome button, Pop-up Blocker, Adobe Flash, Privacy, Search engine, Cookies, more
Continue on PCStart an activity on your Android phone or iPhone, continue later on your PC
Nearby SharingEdge is one of the apps from which you can quickly share an item - a document, a web page, an image - to the device of someone else in your vicinity. The link discusses how to set this up.
Set Tabs AsideClear tabs temporarily from the tab bar with the option to restore them rapidly in the future.

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 has not changed greatly from its incarnation in Windows 7 and later. One addition has been a Feedback button that allows you to tell Microsoft what you like or don't like (see the yellow smiley face in the image below):

Watch this space for more details on differences with the early versions of IE 11.