Windows 10 Guide Updated: 11/28/18

The App Guide


This page (still under construction) contains short descriptions of the built-in apps and features in Windows 10. Where possible, a link to a more detailed page is also available. This page aims eventually to provide a comprehensive list of Windows features and apps, with links to more detailed information.

Apps and Features List

Alarms & clockAlarm clock, world clock, timer, stopwatch
CalculatorStandard, scientific, programmer formats, date calculator, plus a Converter (currency, measurements, weights, temperature scales, etc.)
Character MapA great utility that Windows has had for what seems like forever. Allows you to include foreign letters and alphabets, special characters, shapes, and block patterns into text.Under Windows Accessories in the All Apps list in the Start Menu
Clipboard HistoryBeginning with Windows 1809, you can simultaneously retain a number of items in the clipboard, reusing them as needed.Clipboard
Continue on PCLets you start an activity (reading a web page, creating a new Word doc) on your Apple or Android device and continue (even much later) on your PCLink iPhone and Android devices
CortanaMicrosoft's "artificial intelligence agent", which responds to both typed and spoken commands. Cortana and search
Dynamic Lock Automatically locks your computer if you (and your linked cellphone) walk away Dynamic Lock
FacebookThe dedicated app for Facebook activity.Facebook App
Feedback HubYour chance to sound off to Microsoft. Make suggestions for features and report problems..Feedback Hub App
Files On-DemandStore files on OneDrive (freeing up space on your hard drive) while leaving a placeholder in the OneDrive folder on your hard drive, so that you can instantly see what's stored "in the cloud" even when you are offline. Files On-Demand
Focus AssistSpecify hours with restrictions on notifications, phone calls, etc.Focus Assist
Get Help
Groove Music
InsightsCo-ordinates action between Cortana and StickyNoyes, enabling Cortana, depending on the wording in the StickyNote, to create a reminder from the contents of a StickyNoteStickyNotes/Insights
MailA mail integrator - have mail from several accounts show up in one place.Mail
MapsMaps; road maps, aerial views, Streetside view directions, traffic levels, and more.Maps
Nearby SharingLets you quickly share documents or web pages with another Windows 10 deviceNearby Sharing
NetflixA dedicated Netflix app. Available from the Microsoft Store
Paint 3DEnhanced version of Microsoft Paint; enables you to quickly introduce shapes into a drawing that have a 3D perspective.
PeopleIt's your Contacts list: names, addresses, phone numbers. Also: check out the People Button, new in Windows 1709.People
Phone Companion
PhotosDefault app for viewing and performing basic editing tasks on photos in your Pictures folder; also includes Story RemixPhotos
Photos CompanionReplaced by the Your Phone app in Windows 1809. Enabled ready transfer of images from an Android or iOS phone to a Windows 10 computer.Discontinued as of Windows 1809
SkypeThe well-known video conversation app. Installed in Windows 10 by default.
Snip & SketchEnables you to "snip" (copy) a section of your screen and paste it into another app (such as Word, email, Paint, Paint 3D). Works to produce screenshots as well.Snip & Sketch
Sticky NotesEnables you to paste a Post-It(c) style note directly onto your desktop, where it will "stay on top" of everything else. A Sticky Note will persist even when you shut down and power off the device.Sticky Notes
Story RemixLets you quickly make a slide show (with optional musical background) from existing images.Story Remix
Web NotesA feature of Edge that enables you to mark up and add notes to a web page, then save a copy of that page in OneNote.Web Notes
Your PhoneEnables extensive interaction between your Windows 10 PC and late-model Android phones and iPhones: browse and transfer images from phone to PC, send SMS messages from your PC.