Windows 10 User's Guide Updated: 06/14/16

About this site
About this Site

This site aims to assist home users of Windows 10 and potentially small businesses or other small enterprises. It will serve as a "one-stop" site to begin (and perhaps conclude) the search for answers to a wide range of topics related to Windows 10. The material is presented in a logical and organized (and ad-free!) fashion which hopefully will shorten the time necessary to find such answers.

The site will be updated frequently, and will contain news, warnings, and links to other informative sites, including Microsoft's own documentation.

Throughout this site, terms that appear in green are links to a glossary of terms.

Windows 10, though similar to Windows 8/8.1, looks markedly different from earlier versions of Windows. Those who are used to Windows XP or Windows 7 may be struck by how "plain" Windows 10 looks. Those who are used to delving into option-rich dialog boxes will find that deep access to settings, while still possible, has been somewhat obscured by the minimalist user interface that Microsoft has adopted.

Limitations of this site: Windows users who are in a large enterprise environment may find much useful information here, but the site will not answer all enterprise-oriented questions. It will certainly not fulfill the needs of network administrators. Likewise, there is little (as yet) on this site geared directly towards users of Windows 10 Mobile (on phones) or Windows 10 Xbox capabilities.

Enhancements to this site are being developed - watch for them! They will include a "How do I..." search mechanism that lets you find answers by posing questions such as "How do I change the background picture on my screen?" or "How do I add a second monitor to my computer?".

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- Al Airone