Windows 10 Guidebook for Home Users and Small Networks

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Updating of this website is being suspended for an indefinite period. It has become too labor-intensive for me to keep it updated to my satisfaction, and similar help and information are available elsewhere (although in the highly-fragmented, sprawling manner of the Web!) It is possible the site may return with an improved format and with a somewhat less ambitious goal.

In the meantime, the following sites are highly recommended for anyone seeking help with Windows 10:

Independent Websites

Windows 10 Forums - especially its extensive list of tutorials

The Supersite for Windows

Thurrot, the website of Paul Thurrott - covers more than just Windows

On-Line Magazine Sites

The Ed Bott Report on ZDNet

Mary Jo Foley's All About Microsoft on ZDNet

Microsoft Pages

Microsoft's Update History for Windows 10 and Windows Server

Microsoft lifecycle fact sheet
Lists dates at which Microsoft will officially no longer maintain past and future versions of Windows. Index page for a whole host of specific documentation for a variety of Microsoft products, including Windows, Windows Server, Azure, Office, Microsoft 365, PowerShell, and many others. This is high-level documentation: each section is broken down into subsections for Developers, Hardware Developers, and IT Pros.

Command-line Reference - everything you needed to know about command-line ("DOS") commands.

Threat Protection - Index Starting point for Microsoft's documentation on a variety of built-in security features, including Windows Security (formerly Windows Defender).

List of "Other Sync Settings" in Settings,Accounts,Sync your settings